About Us

Via Proxy is a locally-owned retail shop & meeting place, tended by a wine & food-minded team that finds pleasure in uniting people, places, friends and families. Our retail shop provides goods for entertaining, gift-giving, dining and drinking.

We also welcome you to reserve our space for private gatherings, networking, meetings and intimate parties. Our Sommeliers are on-site to host private tastings and meet your wine needs. Services are sourced locally Via Proxy to curate an experience that best suits your tastes.

Tish Sawyer, Certified Sommelier & Champagne Maven

Tish comes from many cuts of cloth—she was born in Germany, raised in Europe, and has spent time living in Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, Florida, and now in Tequesta for 13 years. She’s been in the wine business for 22 years, but sipping wine long before that. So, when asked…

Things You Enjoy (other than wine)? Listen, Drink, Eat, Read, and GO. Pomme Frittes from a paper cone, with a dollop of mayonnaise, drinking anything bubbly, listening to any good musician, sitting on a cobblestone street, on a mountain or the sand, in the dirt or in the grass, in good company, turning pages, or alone.

Perfect Sunday Morning? Drink Coffee with my sweet hubs, watch CBS Sunday Morning News, do a crossword puzzle, listen to Edith Piaf on vinyl, eat some berries, cheese & bread, ride my bike in the fresh air, sun or rain. In that order.

Top 3 Holidays? Any day that involves snow, sleep, friends & family, reflecting, gratitude, music, food, dancing, costumes, drinks, and any Chinese New Year whenever it’s the year of the Dragon.

Like/Follow/Block? Like – Friends/Nature/Animals; Follow – Patti Smith; Block – Ads

Brian Chamis, Certified Sommelier & Oenomaniac

Brian hails from Tequesta. He was born with the thirst for wine, and has been in the industry 30+ years. He is the Sommelier for Cafe Chardonnay, as well as a consulting Sommelier for local private clients, collectors, and wine enthusiasts in general, including Wine Proxy. He also dabbles in beer, sake, spirits (particularly bourbon), sports, and cigars. A common phrase we hear from people around town is “Brian knows what wine I like”. So we asked “What does Brian like?”

What Music do you like after a long day (which is everyday for you)? 80’s rock, classical music, or on a really rough day, JJ Grey. JJ always helps me relax and takes me to a “safe place”.

If you could look at one piece of artwork all day, what / who would it be? I’m a novice when it comes to Art, I enjoy talking with artists about their art and what inspires them.

What’s your go-to food you want to enjoy if you have a day off? I’m a “when in Rome” kinda guy so, if I end up at a sports bar, I’m eating wings and drinking cold beer. If I end up in a French Restaurant, I’m eating Coq au Vin and drinking CDP or Chambolle Musigny.

If you had to work in an industry other than wine, what would you do? When I was younger, I wanted to be an Architect, or a pro soccer player, if I had to pick now, I’d learn to play the guitar and go on the road. Hopefully Jack White would take me under his wing.

Where would you like to travel to next…if you could go anywhere? Such a hard question. Too many places I’d like to go. I’d be so happy right now, somewhere in a cabin, on a mountain surrounded by snow, drinking bourbon, smoking a cigar and listening to music with my amazing wife! Mic drop.

Like/Follow/Block? Like – Fail Salad; Follow – Rhinos; Block – Rants

Garrick, Consulting Sommelier, Obi Wine Kenobi

Garrick Spencer is our newest Somm addition at Wine Proxy. He is a man of many skills and hobbies: wine, yoga, cycling, music, Star Wars, and more wine.

Pick one super power: Copying other super powers

Winemaker you’d like to meet? Paul Draper, Ridge Vineyards

Sketches, Sculptures, or Snapshots? Snapshots

One album you can’t live without? Alive-Daft Punk 2007

A book that changed your life? On Beyond Zebra By Dr. Seuss

A favorite movie quote: “Do, or do not, there is no try.” -Yoda

Like/Follow/Block? Like – Omega Watches; Follow – Daniel Craig; Block – Haters

Kiernan, Consulting Sommelier, Vino Virtuoso, Taste Developer

What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to? The Bermuda Triangle

Favorite 90’s jam? “Pony” by Ginuwiune

If you could only listen to one artist for life, who would it be? Radiohead

If you were in Groundhog Day, what day would you relive over and over? New Year’s Eve, 2018. I was in London with my husband and we met the nicest group of tourists and had an absolute blast!

What’s your go-to dinner dish at home? Sausage & Rapini over GF pasta

If you were a grape what would you be and why? Zinfandel. Unpredictable, cannot be trained, ability to be mature and immature at the same time, only crazy people will deal with me.

Favorite Quote? “Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Like/Follow/Block? Like – Husky; Follow- Lab; Block – Frenchie

Debbie, Marketing Director (a.k.a. Director of Delicious)

Debbie is a Florida native—born and raised in Palm Beach county. A marketing consultant by day and wine & food enthusiast by night, Debbie is often found in the kitchen cooking or baking while listening to French music and sipping on Red wine.

What would the name of your debut album be? Resfeber

If you had a pinata filled with one thing, what would it be? Mini Cheeseburgers

Skill you’d like to master? Running a successful business

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working? Riding my motorcycle to delicious food

3 words to describe you? Insatiable, Ambitious, Amiable

Favorite superhero? Wonder Woman

Like/Follow/Block? Like – Cheeseburgers; Follow – Cheese; Block – Iceberg Lettuce